01 Dear IRMARIA,

01 Dear IRMARIA,





Dear Irmaria,


one year.


One year since I had to climb through trees and fallen power poles on impassable roads to my family’s houses to make sure they were alright.






One year since I saw homes that I grew up in completely destroyed.


One year since I didn’t know if some of my friends were still alive for weeks.




red puffer  


One year since I watched my island get torn apart.


One year since our beautiful beach shores were littered with dead corals and ocean life.

lime windbreaker

One year since we had to live without electricity for months.



hand stitching



One year since I learned a lot about the world, people, and myself. But also, it has been one year since my fellow Virgin Islanders have come together as a people, as a community, and as a family to help each other in any way we can. 







We lost a lot in these hurricanes…But we gained a lot too. 

Originally written by Genna LaPlace




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