Sizing Guide

We love all kinds of bodies and we are thrilled by the expressions created in the interaction between body and garment. We believe that the diversity between individual bodies surpasses binary gender expression. As a consequence we develop many of our garments to be gender neutral.  

Currently we are able to produce garments in a size range from 1 to 7. We look forward to developing a larger range of sizes as our company expands. 

The measurements below refers to the body measurements in inches and includes traditional sizing guidelines to help you find the right fit.

Sizes all garments


Knowing your own measurements will help you find the correct size when shopping online. When measuring yourself, make sure the tape measure is not too snug or too loose. If the tape measure is cutting into you or you’re having trouble taking a breath, it is too tight. If the tape measure is slack and falling off your body, it is too loose. 



Take one end of the tape measure and wrap it around the chest starting in the center front, with the tape measure parallel to the ground. Those with breasts should measure around the fullest part of the bust. 



To find the natural waist measurement, measure the smallest part of the waist, generally between the belly button and the rib cage. For trousers with a relaxed fit, measure where you would like the trouser waistband to sit, generally just above or at the hip bone.  



This measurement will help you figure out if your booty will fit into trousers. Some people have a larger difference between hip and waist size than others. If you have a larger hip-to-waist ratio, take one size up in trousers. To take the measurement, stand with your feet and legs together. The measurement should be taken over the fullest part of your hips, which includes the fullest part of your butt. It can be difficult to keep the tape measure parallel to the ground, so use a mirror or have a friend help you.



This is the measurement between the crotch and the ankle. The easiest way to take this measurement is from your best-fitting pair of trousers. Measure between the crotch and the ankle of the trousers on the inside seam. Keep in mind that the inseam will differ depending on whether you wear shoes with heels or flat shoes. Where the hem sits on your foot is very personal. For instance if you like trousers to fall precisely at the ankle you will have a shorter inseam measurement than if you like your trousers to pool a bit around your foot or cuff your trousers. If you wear heels with your trouser, the hem should fall at the midpoint of the heel shank.